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Whether the demand for convenience foods will continue to grow after the pandemic

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For the past month, most businesses have been working from home, and primary and secondary school students have been studying online at home. Restaurants and shopping centers have been largely closed. Under the impact of the pandemic, "home food" such as instant noodles, frozen food and even some leisure snacks have become the first choice for consumers to stock up on goods in isolation at home. This pandemic ushered in a "fast road" for the development of convenience food, and when the pandemic is over, what will the development trend of these convenience food development face?

In fact, the attack of the epidemic also brings some enlightenment and changes to the research and development direction of food enterprises, the upgraded convenience food will usher in a wave of new growth, convenience food has experienced ups and downs in recent years, and has been trying to regain the market share stolen by takeaway food, the epidemic makes it win significant development, now the convenience food pays attention to the nutrition collocation, the taste is no worse than takeaway food. It is also simple and convenient to do, and is loved by the majority of consumers.

Our Zhengzhou Dongfang Naomu Food Machinery Co., Ltd.is committed to the research and production of fried instant noodles equipment, udon noodles production line, wonton skin, noodle production line, non-fried instant noodles production line and other food machinery. We have long-term strategic cooperation with the large Chinese noodle manufacturers represented by Master Kong, Uni-President, Jinmerang, Nongxin, White Elephant, Guohua, Jinfeng, Jinsha River Noodle, Keming Noodle, Boda, Shuangyu, Ruonan, Jinjian Rice, etc. Strive for the majority of noodle food enterprises escort.

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